Henry Darger by James RogerS


Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 3.24.19 PMThe very talented, strange and mysterious artist  died in 1973. His voluminous work was discovered posthumously, and luckily most of it was saved. Nearly all of his work that was saved unfortunately is damaged to some extent, some quite extensively.

One day I wondered what Darger’s work would have looked like the day he painted them, those vivid colors shining through without creases, stains, tears or tape. That day I decided to begin digitally restore his work to create a window through which we can gaze into a past never before seen by anyone except Henry himself.

I hope that people can be as inspired by these glimpses into what Henry’s work may have looked like the day he painted them as much as they have been by the actual work that was saved.

Out of admiration for this amazing artist who has left us which such amazing treasures, it is the least I can do to honor his contribution to the art world.


Flowers (Untitled) - restored


Flowers (Untitled) - original


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